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Neu in TestComplete V14.00

Hersteller: SmartBear

Aktuelle Version: 14.00 / Betriebssystem: Windows 7 und höher

Neu in TestComplete 14.00

TestComplete V14.00 führt die Unterstützung von BDD Tests, HipTest, Web Components und anderen modernen Technologien ein. Damit ist es noch schneller und einfacher robuste automatisierte Tests zu erstellen und durchzuführen als bisher.
Lesen Sie hier die komplette Liste aller Neuerungen im Detail.

Neu in TestComplete 12.50

Die neue Version 12.50 ist ein bedeutendes Release mit einer Vielzahl von Neuerungen und Verbesserungen:

  • Unterstützung für Electron Anwendungen
  • Unterstützung für Xamarin.Forms
  • Erweiterung für Video-Rekorder Aufzeichnungen
  • Unterstützung für Java 10
  • Verbesserte WPF Unterstützung
  • Unterstützung für Chrome 65 und Firefox 59
  • Bessere Infos über Wi-Fi Verbindungen von Android Geräten
  • Unterstützung für Android 8.1 (API-Level 27) und iOS 11.3
  • Verbesserte Ansicht für Test-Logs
  • und vieles, vieles mehr

Lesen Sie hier die Liste aller Neuerungen in TestComplete 12.50 im Detail

Neu in TestComplete 12.40

64-Bit Support: TestComplete now installs a 64-bit version on x64 Windows environments. This allows the tool to store larger data sets and testers to easily scale their projects.

Wi-Fi Connected Test Devices: The latest version of TestComplete enhances the mobile testing experience and allows you to create and run tests on your devices from any computer in your network by connecting through Wi-Fi.

Smarter CrossBrowserTesting Integration: New improvements to the integration with CrossBrowserTesting facilitate better data-driven testing that will enable you to connect faster through the Local Connection Wizard.

Script Editor Improvements: You can now rename a function or a variable and auto-highlight support when double clicking on variables.

Name Mapping Enhancements: Find needed objects faster with the new search text box in the Name Mapping editor. You can now also copy and paste mapped objects in the Mapped Objects Tree.

Neu in TestComplete 12.31

Improved Environment Manager User Flow
To help you get started quickly and easily, Environment Manager now shows tips for running tests. Now, you can also add tests and test items to the root level in the Environment Manager panel. There is no need to create environment lists. A new icon "Add Group" lets you create groups and then easily add tests or test items under these groups. Environments for these groups can be then assigned in a single step. In case your old tests are under environment lists, they will still work. You can rename these environment lists to groups if needed.

Early Access Java 9 and JavaFX 9 Support
You can record and run TestComplete tests for Java 9 and Java FX 9 applications. The early access Java build supported with this release is jdk-9+176.

Support for Atlassian JIRA 7.3.
For any failed tests, create issues in JIRA 7.3 (self-hosted and cloud) directly from TestComplete.

The Region checkpoint wizard is back.
Based on customer requests, an ability to create region checkpoints is back. You can now access it by selecting new "Image checkpoint" option available on the Checkpoint wizard. Read more about it here..

Und vieles mehr....

Neu in TestComplete 12.3

TestComplete 12.3 has new and powerful capabilities that will speed up your automated testing efforts and help you create robust UI tests.
Here are a few highlights:

  • Custom Zoom & High DPI Support: You no longer have to set your browser zoom setting to 100% for TestComplete to work. With custom zoom and high DPI support, UI tests created with TestComplete 12.3 will run correctly regardless of the zoom level.
  • New Recording Toolbar: The recording toolbar has a completely new interface, giving you easy access to recording capabilities, checkpoints, and object information.
  • Revamped Checkpoint Wizard: The checkpoint wizards have been completely overhauled in TestComplete 12.3, so you'll be able to create checkpoints quickly and easily. If needed, you can even combine distinct properties for each checkpoint or perform image verification. Don't worry! All of the checkpoints you created previously will still work.
  • Code Editor Enhancements: New code editor enhancements include automatic outline setting commands, smarter auto-formatting, and a code competition window, among other features.
  • Visual Studio 2017 Support: Run unit tests created with Visual Studio 2017 as part of your TestComplete projects in addition to running TestComplete tests directly from your MSBuild projects.

Discontinued Support: TestComplete 12.3 no longer supports Windows XP or Windows Vista. Custom actions added via script extensions are also no longer supported and will not appear in the recording toolbar.

Neu in TestComplete 12.2

CrossBrowserTesting.com Integration

CrossBrowserTesting.com is an online test service that provides environments – a virtual desktop machine or a physical mobile device – for functional web and mobile testing. TestComplete tightly integrates with this service and enables you to easily run your web tests in various web browsers, on different operating systems and screen resolutions. That is, you get a rich and easily configurable set of browsers, operating systems and resolutions for your web tests, and do not need to spend time and efforts on creating and maintaining test environments. Also, the tests run in parallel, which significantly decreases the overall execution time.
To integrate TestComplete with CrossBrowserTesting.com, you use a new project suite item – Environment Manager. You can run your tests from the TestComplete user interface, command line or via COM interfaces. See Integration With CrossBrowserTesting.com (Environment Manager) for complete information.

Mobile Testing Improvements

Android Testing
Support for Android 7.
iOS Testing
Support for iOS 10.1 and 10.2.
Support for testing Xcode 8.1 applications.
Support for testing Xamarin.iOS applications created in Xamarin Studio 6.1.1 and 6.1.2.
Manual instrumentation of Xamarin.iOS applications in Xamarin Studio.

Overall Improvements Support for Windows Server 2016.

Now, you can record and run your tests under Microsoft Windows Server 2016 to check whether your application works correctly with this version of the Windows operating system.
Support for Firefox 50 and Google Chrome 55. Now, you can create and run tests for web applications running in the recent versions of these web browsers.
Improved Visual Studio integration. The TestComplete Visual Studio integration package adds a new build step to TFS 2015 – Publish TestComplete Test Results. It helps you easily publish TestComplete test results from your team builds.
We have fixed a number of bugs reported by our customers.

Improved Support for Third-Party Controls

Version 12.2 includes extended support for the recent versions of the following controls and libraries:
Developer Express WPF 16.1.6
CodeJock Xtreme Toolkit Pro v17.2
ComponentOne C1Command for .NET v2.0.2
Janus UIBars Control V4.0.50
TMS AdvStringGrid version
TMS AdvGlowButton version

Neu in TestComplete 12.0

  • Test and Verify Oracle Forms:
    With TestComplete 12.0, you can now test Oracle Forms. All great functionalities of TestComplete such as record and replay, integration to continuous integration systems, detailed run reports, or support for multiple programming languages are available when creating these tests. What’s more? This comes as a part of desktop module, so you can now get more from your original desktop licenses.
  • Use JavaScript to create automated tests:
    TestComplete 12 introduces full support for JavaScript. Simply record tests in JavaScript to create automated tests across desktop, web, mobile, and packaged apps or write your tests directly in JavaScript.
  • Test mobile web on real devices to gain insights into real user experiences:
    Along with emulators, TestComplete 12.0 now provides support testing website on real mobile devices. There is no need to jailbreak, unlock or root your device. This helps you to accurately test for your application functions in “real world” conditions.
  • Intelligent recommendation for object not found issues:
    TestComplete 12.0 makes it extremly easy to fix an object not found" error by providing suggestions on finding the right object identifiers.
  • Improved Source Control Integration:
    TestComplete 12.0 makes it easy to merge changes while pushing test files to source control repository. It also comes with better handling of automatic merging process, thereby significantly conflict resolution issues.
  • Seamless Integration to QAComplete:
    Now right from TestComplete, you can send projects suites, projects, or tests to QAComplete, SmartBear’s test management tool. Just right click and “Export to QAComplete” option would do the rest.