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TestComplete 12.3 - Die neuen Features

Komplettes Tool zur Testautomatisierung

von: SmartBear
für:  Windows, Web und Mobile

Neu in TestComplete 12.3

TestComplete 12.3 has new and powerful capabilities that will speed up your automated testing efforts and help you create robust UI tests.
Here are a few highlights:

Discontinued Support: TestComplete 12.3 no longer supports Windows XP or Windows Vista. Custom actions added via script extensions are also no longer supported and will not appear in the recording toolbar.



Neu in TestComplete 12.2 Integration is an online test service that provides environments – a virtual desktop machine or a physical mobile device – for functional web and mobile testing. TestComplete tightly integrates with this service and enables you to easily run your web tests in various web browsers, on different operating systems and screen resolutions. That is, you get a rich and easily configurable set of browsers, operating systems and resolutions for your web tests, and do not need to spend time and efforts on creating and maintaining test environments. Also, the tests run in parallel, which significantly decreases the overall execution time.
To integrate TestComplete with, you use a new project suite item – Environment Manager. You can run your tests from the TestComplete user interface, command line or via COM interfaces. See Integration With (Environment Manager) for complete information.

Mobile Testing Improvements

Android Testing
Support for Android 7.
iOS Testing
Support for iOS 10.1 and 10.2.
Support for testing Xcode 8.1 applications.
Support for testing Xamarin.iOS applications created in Xamarin Studio 6.1.1 and 6.1.2.
Manual instrumentation of Xamarin.iOS applications in Xamarin Studio.

Overall Improvements Support for Windows Server 2016.

Now, you can record and run your tests under Microsoft Windows Server 2016 to check whether your application works correctly with this version of the Windows operating system.
Support for Firefox 50 and Google Chrome 55. Now, you can create and run tests for web applications running in the recent versions of these web browsers.
Improved Visual Studio integration. The TestComplete Visual Studio integration package adds a new build step to TFS 2015 – Publish TestComplete Test Results. It helps you easily publish TestComplete test results from your team builds.
We have fixed a number of bugs reported by our customers.

Improved Support for Third-Party Controls

Version 12.2 includes extended support for the recent versions of the following controls and libraries:
Developer Express WPF 16.1.6
CodeJock Xtreme Toolkit Pro v17.2
ComponentOne C1Command for .NET v2.0.2
Janus UIBars Control V4.0.50
TMS AdvStringGrid version
TMS AdvGlowButton version

Neu in TestComplete 12.0


Neu in TestComplete 11.3

Neu in TestComplete 11.2

Neu in TestComplete 11.1

Neu in TestComplete 11.0

Python Scripting

TestComplete 11 introduces full-fledged support for Python —

TestComplete 11 supports Python version 3.4.

The Python modules are included in the TestComplete installation package. You do not have to download and install them separately.

For detailed information on using Python scripts in TestComplete, see Python - Specifics of Usage.

Unterstützung für die Source Control Systeme SVN, GIT und Mercurial

Enhanced Source Control Integration

TestComplete 11 offers a completely reworked integration with source control systems. Now you can work with the following source controls directly from TestComplete:

Like earlier versions of TestComplete, version 11 also supports source controls based on the SCC API (for example, Visual SourceSafe, ClearCase or CVS).

You specify your source control type in the Tools | Options | Source Control settings.

New commands of the Project Explorer’s Source Control menu make the integration easy and natural:

To access these commands faster, you can use the Source Control toolbar in TestComplete. (By default, the toolbar is hidden; to make it visible, right-click the toolbar area and then click Source Control.)

As you can see, you can add your projects to source control, commit and push changes, pull files modified by other team members, view the changelog and perform other actions. Items’ icons in the Project Explorer panel help you easily understand if an item was changed or not. (You may need to save the changes made to the project to update the item status.)

TestComplete smoothly integrates with Tortoise clients like TortoiseGit installed on your computer. This gives you even more possibilities: you can create or merge branches, export patches, compare commits, run the rebase and other source control commands directly from the TestComplete UI:

Note for Subversion users: To use the new SVN support, migrate your projects and project suites bound to SVN from legacy SVN support to new Subversion support as described in Migrating From Legacy SCC API Providers. Otherwise, TestComplete will use legacy SVN support functionality.

Windows 10 Support

With TestComplete 11, you can record and run automated tests for Windows Store applications and for regular applications on Windows 10 running on computers with the x86 or x64 architecture.

Some notes:

Visual Studio 2015 Support

Note: We have tested integration with Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate, which is the latest available version of this new product.

RAD Studio XE8 Support

TestComplete 11 supports testing Delphi and C++Builder applications created with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8. Version 11 supports both 32- and 64-bit XE8 applications. You can record or write script and keyword tests for these applications, simulate user actions on controls, verify applications’ data with checkpoints, and use other TestComplete features for automated tests creation.

Mobile Testing Improvements

Web Testing Improvements

Qt Support Improvements

Version 11 introduces support for Qt 5.0 - 5.4.2 applications. 5.4.2 is the most recent Qt version at the moment.

The TestComplete 11 installer includes modules that provide support for these Qt versions. The modules that provide support for earlier Qt versions are available for download on our website:

You can find installation notes within the download packages.

Overall Improvements

Controls Support

Installation Process Changes

Changes in TestComplete COM Automation

To control TestComplete via COM on Windows 8 and later operating system, both TestComplete and your client COM application must have the same privilege level. By default, TestComplete now uses the extended privilege level (uiAccess = true), so, most likely, you will need to update the uiAccess value in TestComplete’s or your application’s manifest file.

Known Issues

When installing TestComplete 11 or TestExecute 11 on Windows 10, you may see the following error:

Sentinel Runtime Environment Installer failed with the following error: file processing error.

You can ignore this error. It affects neither the installation process, nor the functioning of TestComplete or Test Execute.

However, you may also see errors when uninstalling TestComplete 11 or TestExecute 11. If so, we recommend that after uninstalling TestComplete or TestExecute you reinstall all the products on this computer that use the Sentinel HASP licensing system. (Uninstall all of them first, then install them again.)